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BC:Marijuana seized from city business

by papapuff » Wed Aug 09, 2017 12:56 pm

Marijuana seized from city business


AUGUST 8, 2017

Two people are facing charges as a result of an investigation and subsequent search of a Prince George business.

On Friday, Prince George RCMP searched Wee Medical, located on the 1400 block of Third Avenue.

Two males, 34 and 32, were arrested inside the business and were released on promises to appear for court on Oct. 11.

Investigators seized a considerable amount of marijuana, cannabis-infused food, cash, packaging material and other evidence to support charges under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act.
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by papapuff » Thu Aug 10, 2017 12:26 pm

Prince George Citizen

WeeMedical Society defends marijuana sales


AUGUST 9, 2017 10:00 PM

In light of two recent arrests involving what Prince George RCMP are referring to as an "illegal storefront business," members of a provincial marijuana advocacy group are not about to give up.

"Prince George has a fair population and lots of people who do physical work and require pain relief," said MayJoan Liu, director of the WeeMedical Society.

"We are all people. Everyone has aches and pains. Why should someone have to travel all the way to Vancouver to find pain relief?"

WeeMedical opened a "wellness centre" on the 1400 block of Third Avenue in February.

"We are not a dispensary," Liu said.

"We do not sell marijuana to people who are not registered with Heath Canada. For those who are, yes we accommodate them but the wellness centre is all about our other natural remedies and products such as CBD oil (cannabidiol oil) which is used for pain relief. It's not on the list of controlled substances yet, so the police took all of those products out of the centre."

Last Friday, the RCMP's Downtown Safety Unit executed a Controlled Drugs and Substance Act search warrant at WeeMedical.

Two males, aged 32 and 34, were arrested after police seized marijuana along with cannibas-infused food and cash.

"Police seized less than 100 grams of marijuana. That's all there was, less than a quarter pound. If we were a dispensary, would we not have more than that?" Liu said.

"That's why we are not a dispensary where people can come in, make a selection and then make a purchase. We serve those who are registered, those in need of pain relief, that's why there wasn't much found by the police."

WeeMedical was also closed three days after opening in February when RCMP and city officials found it was operating without a business licence and had marijuana on the premises.

Despite a shaky start, WeeMedical continued on as a wellness centre.

"We've made various attempts with the City of Prince George but they just disregard us," Liu said. "This recent incident was right in the middle of us making an attempt to gain a wellness licence. Our landlord is happy we are here. We've never had issues with our neighbours. But the city disregards us completely."

Mayor Lyn Hall and RCMP have said marijuana retailers will be treated as illegal businesses until new federal laws come into place, scheduled for next summer.

Within the last few years, however, the number of dispensaries in the province has been on the rise, not just in Vancouver but also in Nanaimo, where WeeMedical operates two dispensaries.

In Prince George, the complaint leading to both arrests was filed by a disgruntled past employee, according to Liu.

The two males arrested inside the business were released on promises to appear on Oct. 11.

"The two arrested are being treated like criminals right now. And we are being criminalized unnecessarily," Liu said.

"When we set up, we always set up to stay. We would really love to continue to work with the community of Prince George."

WeeMedical has other locations - both dispensaries and wellness centres - throughout B.C. including Kelowna, North Vancouver and Port Alberni.
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by papapuff » Tue Sep 19, 2017 5:03 pm

Prince George Citizen

Marijuana wellness centre granted business licence


SEPTEMBER 19, 2017

What police have called an "illegal storefront business" continues to operate but minus a key aspect.

The city granted WeeMedical a business licence on Sept. 13, two days after the chain agreed with a court order prohibiting it from dispensing marijuana.

The Third Avenue downtown store was the subject of an RCMP raid in early August. Police seized a "considerable amount" of marijuana and cannabis-infused food as well as other items in support of charges under the Controlled Drugs and Substances Act.

Two people were also arrested and later released on promises to appear in court on Oct. 11.

Two weeks after the police action, the city filed a petition in B.C. Supreme Court in Prince George seeking the order.

In part, it noted that while Ottawa intends to decriminalize or legalize the possession, sale and distribution of marijuana, it continues to be prohibited under federal law.

And pursuant to the its business licence bylaw, the city "does not permit the operation of an illegal business, including the sale and distribution of marijuana and marijuana-based products."

WeeMedical will still be able to operate as a "wellness centre" under the order's terms. For "greater clarity" it's noted that nothing in the order prohibits WeeMedical from selling such smoking-related products as bongs, pipes and rolling papers.

It can also sell memberships in the WeeMedical Society and provide "consulting, educational or advocacy services related to the use of medical marijuana as an alternative source of medicine."

In light of the order, store manager Ken St. Denis said the outlet offers advice on obtaining a permit for medical marijuana and on users' rights and sells cannabidiol or marijuana-based products that hold medicinal value but lack the compound that produces the high.

It has not been the first time WeeMedical has been the subject of such an action from a municipality, nor will it be the last. On Friday, Quesnel filed a similar petition in B.C. Supreme Court in Vancouver alleging a WeeMedical outlet on the community had been operating without a business licence.

Several dispensaries have sprouted up

WeeMedical appears to have
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