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Updates, Warnings and Suggestions by Gayle Quin

by pablofunk » Wed Jan 18, 2012 4:01 pm

CD #31

By Gayle Quin
Wow, what a summer, and a most beautiful
fall! I’m healing well and can’t express
my gratitude enough for all love
and good vibrations sent throughout my
healing journey. I’ve had a lot of help and
support, and would like to thank each
and every one of you.
This year is going to be as busy as it will
be amazing. We’re off to a roaring start
with Owen’s bakery trail, which starts at
10 am on Jan. 16. Please attend as often
as possible, as we need to show the courts
how many people use medical marijuana
to sustain a healthy life. We are looking
at a 20 day jury trial. Meet at 9:45 am
at the club if you want to walk with us.
Read more in this paper, or go to <www.> to read the pre-trial summary.
If you don’t like going into the court
house, but want to help, please join those
standing outside with signs and banners.
The lecture series will continue after
court is finished, since there is no way
we can teach and be in court. When the
lectures resume, Ted will be teaching in
the movie theatre, Cinicenta. Next year,
we will supplement some lectures with
movies, before each 4:20. The UVic
Hempology 101 Club will be canvassing
the campus to collect 2,000+ signatures
to launch a “Reeferendum” so we can
re-establish ourselves on our traditional
meeting ground by Petch Fountain in
front of the Library. Ted is getting very
close to publishing his Hempology 101
Textbook. He hopes to have it available
by 4/20 (April 20).
Team 420 is doing great. Dodgeball
happens Thurs. behind the courthouse
at 4:20. The Thurs. after welfare day each
month, we have a BBQ. (Bring your own
food, BBQ supplied.) Saturdays there is
soccer at the new CDI Institute (Hillside
and Quadra St.) and we meet at 4:20.
Ted is already getting excited about the
T.C. 10K run, and getting Herb’s leaves
flapping in the wind. So get your runners
on if you want to join Team 420 this year!
We are hoping to start a second dodgeball
session started on Tues. at CDI
when the trial is over. Monday, Feb. 13
is the beginning of International Medical
Marijuana Week, and what a week
to look forward to. We meet at noon in
front of the Ministry of Health Bldg. on
Blanshard St. There will be an auction of
some of Ted’s t-shirt collection. Tuesday
Feb. 14 sees us at the club for the end
of a men’s/women’s raffle with a dinner
date with Ted as one of the prizes for the
ladies, and a date with me as a prize for
the guys. Wednesday Feb. 15 is 4:20 at
UVic. Thursday Feb. 16, there will be a
movie showing at UVic. Time and place
will be posted at the club and online at On Fri. Feb. 17, there will
be a Cannabis Scavenger Hunt starting
at 4:20 pm on the back lawn of the
courthouse. Saturday Feb.18, at 4:20 will
be the end of the Silent Art Auction. Art
and bidding sheets will be going up soon.
The grand finale will be the 13th UVic
Cannabis Convention on Sun. Feb. 19,
which will be followed by an after party
at the Sunset Room. Due to the length of
the trial, we are going to delay the UBC
Cannabis Convention until Sun. Mar. 4.
The 2nd Annual Cannabis Convention,
in Nanaimo, at VIU (Vancouver Island
University) will be on Sunday Mar. 18.
Look throughout the Digest for posters
of the conventions to find the locations,
and read Kyla’s article to find out why
they are so important. Remember, we
broadcast the conventions live on stickam.
Whew! Today I would like to write
about the more positive sides of my
cancer experience. I have had the great
pleasure to find, and be under the care of,
several health care professionals. The first
I’d like to thank and mention is my surgeon,
Dr. Orram. He is the kindest and
most caring surgeon I’ve ever met. He
even made sure to miss the tail of one of
my swallow tattoos while doing the surgery—
the last thing I was thinking about
at the time! He suggested I find a good
naturopathic doctor to help me with all
the concerns I had about whether to receive
chemotherapy or radiation treatments.
I was very pleased to tell him that
I already had one to help me with my
mercury detoxification and was in fact
the person to first help with my breast.
Once I received a diagnosis from the specialists
at the hospital, Dr. Bovee started
me on a weekly course of high doses of
vitamin C administered intravenously.
At 50 grams of vitamin C or more, more
oxygen is produced in your body and
it attacks tumours and abnormal cells.
Exactly what chemo-therapy does! Dr.
Bovee also asked me to start ingesting
fractionated pectin to keep any displaced
cancer cells from adhering to me.
The week before, and two weeks after
surgery, Dr. Bovee added glutathione
and other ingredients to my vitamin C
cook to promote healing. The three
doctors who looked at my incision during
the early weeks were all astonished
at the rate and completeness of my healing,
so I’d tell them what Dr. Bovee was
doing for me. I had no sign of infection
the whole time. I also took three capsules
of frankincense/turmeric (and still do)
as well as up to one full bottle of Cannoil
every day for the anti-inflammatory
and antibiotic properties. I took no pain
pills the entire time, and the vitamin C
treatments were able to give me energy
and clarity. We continued the vitamin
C treatment for 10 weeks in a row after
surgery, and have now began alternating
the vitamin C and the mercury detox
treatments once every three months. I’ve
had my ups and downs for sure, but the
ups have been much greater, and with all
the healing energy and love being sent
my way by so many, I keep feeling better
every day! I’m slowly getting back to
work and can’t wait to start gardening;
something I haven’t had the strength for
in quite awhile. The Universe seems to be
conspiring to get me to take up Yoga. Dr.
Bovee first suggested it, and Ted laughed.
Then I figured out it was because I’d have
to learn to sit still. Then a new member
joined up who is a Yoga instructor, so
we’ll see what the New Year brings!
With that, I’d like to introduce you
to Dr. Kristen Bovee, ND. Kristen grew
up in Sherwood Park in Edmonton, Alberta.
She came to B.C. in 1989. Kristen
had come to visit the year before, and
while attending University of Alberta,
in Calgary, she decided to come and
join her sister on the West Coast, to get
away from home and start her own life
journey. She obtained a degree in Bio-
Chemistry from UVic. While going to
school, Kristen started working at Green
Cuisine (a Vegan restaurant) first doing
dishes then moving on to prep cook, and
finally learning to juice. This was her introduction
to good nutrition; she became
a vegetarian and started learning how
to cook and eat better. She also worked
doing dishes and one on one home care
work. The latter is that which lead her to
first think about becoming a doctor. So
she took a year off and went to Australia,
then Indonesia where she describes
having a tough time. Kristen came back
to Canada quite discombobulated and
did odd jobs for a year before deciding
to put her degree to work. She got a job
with a bio-chemical which was generally
quite stressful. A helping co-worker
suggested going to a sweat lodge—the
two went together every New and Full
Moon for almost two years. Many thanks
to the Tsawout First Nation. Kristen became
unhappy at work and started looking
for a new job. Through a bout of
unwell-ness, another friend suggested
Kristen see a naturopathic doctor. This
sparked an interest in how her body
worked, and she moved to Toronto for
the next four years while she obtained
her Naturopathic Doctorate. While attending
school, Kristen volunteered with
the Anishnawbe Homeless Project. She
made lunches and helped drive around
giving them out to the homeless, as well
as another who helped with chiropractic
skills. In Feb. 2002, Kristen came back
to Victoria to open a Clinic. Ending up
in Sidney, she got a loan and started the
Peninsula Naturopathic Clinic at #102-
9725 Fourth St, Sidney, B.C. She started
with a bare concrete floor, and no walls
for rooms. It is now a sparkling, bustling
hive of activity as Kristen shares the space
with two other N.D.s, a massage therapist,
and a colon therapist. Kristen was
excited to tell me she was having an open
house in April for her 10th anniversary
of the clinic. Look for the date and time
on their website <www.peninsulanaturopathic.
com> or phone 250-655-1660.
Kristen now takes great pride in, and is
very happy with, her work. She says the
most enjoyable part of her work is meeting
different people and helping them to
sort out their personal health puzzles.
“A lot of people come frustrated with
our health care system, and I help them
figure out how to empower themselves
and commit to another better way. It’s
most challenging finding a balance between
work and home life whilst running
your own business,” she says with a smile.
The most frustrating part is trying to
find time to stay connected to spirit, and
wishes for more time to connect with her
community and do more volunteer work.
All things we can all relate to for sure.
It has been an incredible healing journey
Kristen has been helping me through,
and I strongly urge any of you who are
not happy with their health care to find a
qualified naturopathic doctor, or another
type of qualified alternative health care
Another person of great assistance in
my recovery is chiropractor Mark Galloway.
He studied kinesiology at UVic, and
works by balancing your muscles to allow
your bones to realign themselves. He
may be reached at 250-655-3233 and is
located in Sidney. Call first as he may be
moving soon.
Once again, I can’t thank everyone
enough for all the loving energy that’s has
been pouring my way. It’s been great to
see folks again. Have a Hempy New Year
and see you in court! Lots of love, Gayle.
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by pablofunk » Fri Apr 20, 2012 9:06 am

from CD #32

Wow, what a busy winter it’s been! I guess the time spent in court ate a big chunk of our winter, but the time was well worth it. I also now have an on-going blog on the forums under CBC of C court challenge.
My favourite event of the year (next to Halloween) is when we go Cannabis Caroling. The first Wed. before Christmas, we hot box City Hall—while caroling, of course. And then wander downtown for another round of songs. I love it. This year we had a small group, but we still had a lot of fun.
At the end of Jan. we held our annual potluck dinner to celebrate the anniversary of the CBC of C, which was thoroughly enjoyed by all who attended. It was the fist time a whole oven roasted, garlic stuffed, roast of beef showed up. Ted made his infamous potato salad. Instead of the traditional medicinal pineapple upside down cake that I usually make, I found the last bag of frozen prune plums from my Mom and Dad’s place, and made a cobbler with a top comprised of mostly budda ball crumbs and extra oils.
Hempology 101 at UVic has kept us busy, despite the cancellation of the second term of lectures due to the extension of Owen’s court case. After moving the 420 circles to the SUB building in Sept. because of a new smoking by-law, we have been looking at ways to get back to our usual spot. We started a campaign to hold a referendum asking the entire student body if they supported the 420 circles in the center of campus. We won, but not by much. You can read all about it in another article in this issue. The meeting we held following the referendum was a little sad because it was the last meeting Kristen Mann will attend, unless she comes for a visit. We met Kristen her first week of school at the Hempology 101 meeting, and she dove in with both feet and half her body, and has been actively helping with Hempology 101, at the Club, and with the Cannabis Digest. She was a UVic Club winner of the coveted Davies Bowl in 2011, helped me make hundreds of buttons, attended classes faithfully, and was just plain fun. She’s gone back home to Medicine Hat, so now we have a “not so secret agent” helping out in Alberta. Thanks for all your hard work Kristen—and thanks to computers, she doesn’t seem that far away.
February was busy with International Medical Marijuana Week (as if court wasn’t enough). Monday started with our rally at the BC Ministry of Health, and a cookie give-away. Then Ted added a new twist by auctioning off 10 of his t-shirts, contributing just over $100 for the court defense fund. Tuesday, we held a Valentines Day raffle with the first prizes being dates with Ted and myself. Wednesday, we held our traditional 420 meeting at UVic, and Thursday night was a movie night at UVic. No one showed up, which was a good thing because I was locked out of the room we had booked. I was just about ready to set everything up in the hallway, but I couldn’t find a switch to turn the lights out. Better luck next year! Friday was great fun with our first ever scavenger hunt. Two teams of four roamed the city collecting photos and having lots of laughs. Saturday was the end of the 8th Annual Silent Art Action, with just over $600 being raised for the defense fund. Thanks so much to all the talented artists who contribute their fantastic work. I hope everyone who participated is enjoying their new decor. Sunday was the highlight of the week with a very successful 13th Annual Cannabis Convention at UVic. The speakers were fully charged, including me. Definitely go and watch them on Hempology 101’s web page. Thanks to everyone for coming out. We ended the week with an after-party at the Sunset Room, dancing to the great music of five talented DJs. It sure was great to find out I can finally dance again.
Two weeks after that, we held the 2nd Cannabis Convention at UBC. Jodie’s talk was truly inspirational. It was very well attended, with everyone thanking us for putting it on, and some staying late to chat with new acquaintances. A sure sign of success to me!
Another two weeks later, and we were hosting the 2nd Cannabis Convention at VIU in Nanaimo. You could hear a pin drop through Chris’s talk about cannabis and Islam—everyone was mesmerized. John Anderson was also inspirational, and I strongly urge everyone to watch his talk. It’s sad to think we’re finished convention season for another year. It is great getting to spend time with the wonderful people we know, fighting to save this marvelous plant.
The next big event will be Apr. 20—or 4/20. This year will be extra special because Ted is very close to having his text book published! The book will bring a lot of touring for Ted and myself, but we will make sure we aren’t out of contact with everyone at the club unless we are deep in the wilderness. We are always available to answer questions, it may just take a couple of days to respond. And as if that wasn’t enough, Apr. 20 also marks the beginning of Hempology 101 in the park. The first Wed. after 4/20 (April 25) we will be in Beacon Hill Park for the first game of Reach for the Pot this year. The first few weeks are drop-in—first to sign up get to play—before the tournament begins. If you want to play in the tournament, you need to get in contact with Ted. July will be the start of contest season, so get busy with your poems, t-shirts, bongs, pipes, and joint rolling skills, and come join in the fun!
Make sure you don’t forget about Cannabis Day on July 1, at the Court House, at 4:20.
Hempology is very pleased to announce our newest chapter of Hempology 101 at Mount Allison University in Sackville, New Brunswick. They have been busy having movie nights, and we hope to host a convention there in the fall as part of our book tour.
Finally, Team 420 has added Tues. dodgeball at the school playgrounds on Hillside Ave., between Blanchard St. and Quadra St, where we always play soccer on Saturdays. We will still play dodgeball Thurs. on the back lawn of the courthouse. All Team 420 events start at 4:20.
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by pablofunk » Sat Jul 14, 2012 7:16 am

From CD#33

By Gayle Quin
I’m celebrating this issue more than I do most. I’ve just had my 11 month check-up and I’m all clear of cancer. I can’t thank everyone enough for all your love and concern. My heart swells with joy as I feel all the good wishes pouring in. Once again, I humbly thank you.
I’ve been inspired to finally write a book, and seeing as how I don’t have time to write a book—let alone three or four of them—I’m going to start a blog. Maybe I’ll call it “What’s in Gayle’s Head?” Any ideas?
Did you come to 4/20 this year? What a day! Centennial Square was packed from Douglas St. to the McPherson Playhouse, with clouds of sweet smoke billowing between (look for pics on Hempology’s web page if you couldn’t attend). The costume contest was lots of fun, and a big thanks to Sacred Herb for the prize bong.
Before I forget, Hempology is going legit! (remember too legit to quit? that’s us!). We are proud to announce the opening of the Hempology 101 online store. You can find all our t-shirts, postcards, stickers, buttons, and soon Ted’s book—the Hempology 101 Textbook. You can find the store at the top right hand corner on the Hempology 101 web page, or at <> Hempology’s Team 420 gear is now available there too, with a new edition of the CBC t-shirt at the print shop as I write.
Team 420 keeps thumping along. We meet three times a week now: Tuesdays for dodgeball at Hillside and Quadra, Thursdays for dodgeball on the lawn behind the law courts on Quadra st., and Saturdays for soccer on Hillside between Quadra and Blanshard. Meeting time: 4:20! And remember, every Thurs. after welfare day is a drop in bring-something-to-throw-on-the-BBQ day. Also, July 14 is the annual dodgeball tournament, and this year it’s being held outside for the first time ever at Royal Athletic Park. It’s great fun playing, and almost as much fun (and free) to come and watch. And if you want to participate half way through, I’ll have cheerleading costumes available for four cheerers.
Reach For the Pot is in the semi-finals now, with games running close. It’s been very entertaining. Remember, if you can’t make it out Wednesdays to the band shell in Beacon Hill Park, we put it all on Hempology’s YouTube channel. Winners of the coveted trophy bongs will be announced in the next Cannabis Digest issue. Keep a lookout as the summer goes on, as Reach For the Pot is going to be hosted in several cities across Canada as we go on a tour to promote Ted’s book, and these shows will also be posted to the web. It’s always fun watching activists butt heads. There are always lots of laughs. Next week is our annual joint rolling, poetry reading, t-shirt, pipe, and bong contests. I’ll announce the winners in the next issue of Cannabis Digest.
We live life everyday, it’s never too late or too soon to start training for the TC 10k, which may be walked as well as run. Herb (aka Ted) crossed the finish line this year in 59 minutes and 18 seconds, with a bong-hit station that just about took him out half way through the race. Technical difficulties ensued once again, so no photos of that, just lots of coughs. You can watch a video of the race on Hempology’s YouTube channel. Special mention to Karli “Go Team Go” for being there to participate—you rock girl!
Hempology will be celebrating 17 years on Sept. 5. As always, we will meet at Centennial Square and march to the Leg. building for a postcard photo. It’s a great and fun night. Also Hempology 101 starts at UVic during the first week of Sept., with university clubs days usually running Tues. to Thurs. of the following week (not always though, so watch out for dates to come online or on the board at the club).
With that, I’d like to give James a huge thank you for his help with the reeferendum that passed on campus last year, stating that we should be allowed to smoke inside the circle. But our work there is not done yet. In Sept. we should receive a letter from University Admin with an official OK to return to our traditional meeting place.
Another confusing issue still underway is our bakery trial. Justice Johnston agreed with us on our constitutional challenge and granted that we should be able to put our tea and butter through a strainer, but he is still proceeding with Owen’s possession charges. We’re looking at a 20 day jury trial, commencing Feb. 4. We got into trouble for only bringing four witnesses to our constitutional challenge, so we are hoping for between 10 and 15 witnesses for the next round. If you want to help change Canadian law, come join us and help defend Owen and all the other wonderful bakers. You can read more about the court case in the past year’s worth of Cannabis Digest issues, and on the Hempology 101 website.
On that note, our newest product, Eccles squares, were inspired by the fact that we ran out of leaf and were tired of turning still-good medicine into compost, as well by the crown prosecutor—Peter Eccles—who saw no reason to not ingesting the whole plant. If you need extra fibre in your diet, these squares are for you. If you have a touchy digestive system, try them in small bites, one at a time, and wait 1-2 hours for testing sensitivities. If you go overboard though, no matter who you are, expect explosive results! Eccles squares are made of dates, oats, currants, hemp-hearts, granulated lecithin, and Budda Ball or Ryanol tailings. Yum!
The next newest product is Stalkenal—once again born of not wanting to waste—and what a success it is! As we sell the raw herb, we de-stalk it to the customer’s satisfaction, and collect it all day in the stalk bucket. We also make another stalk product, kamut puffs, where the stalk is cold-infused for one month, from full moon to full moon. It is not decarboxylated (see our recipe book online) as the Stalkenal is. It is easy for you to do at home, too! Just keep a small jar on the table to put your stalk in. Once it’s full, fill the jar with oil and leave it for a month, or decarboxylate it first and then cook it into the oil. The decarboxylation process converts the two-thirds part inactive THC acid into active Δ9-THC, thus creating a superior analgesic. Anyone taking three or four Ryanols at a time should try substituting one or two of them with a Stalkenal—depending on how much muscle relaxant vs. pain management you need. Also, if you find that you’re having to smoke more than you’d like to, try eating one Ryanol and one Stalkenal upon rising (or more depending on your condition). I usually take two to three of each at a time on a bad pain day, two or three times throughout the day. If I need more than that I just switch to Cannoil (and the lozenges, made with an oil similar to Cannoil, just saved me from another abscessed tooth).
The biggest news for now in some ways is that Revenue Canada wants us to start paying taxes like we are a real store. We all pay our personal taxes, and have always been willing to pay other taxes if only we could get a business license or an Exemption 56. The BC Compassion Club has been working on this same issue for the past year, and we have hired a tax lawyer to help us. Ted will be writing expanded articles as things progress. So far it looks like we will have to raise our prices a little, they will be going back to where they were before we lowered them a couple of years ago. My apologies.
To finish, If you want to help with the coming changes, or just keep up to date with all that’s happening, please come to the Hempology 101 board meetings (first Tues. of every month at 7:30 pm at the Club) or the Thurs. afternoon meetings at 1 and 2 pm to see if there is a committee you might want to join. But for sure put the AGM on your calendar, on the first Tues. in Oct. at the usual time and place.
All that being said, and seeing as how I’m writing this in the tub (and luckily haven’t dropped it all in the water yet) I’m going to hedge my bets and sign-off here, wishing you all a happy, hempy summer.
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by pablofunk » Sat Jan 26, 2013 9:44 am

From CD 35
By Gayle Quin
What an exciting Autumn we have had...and Winter will not be slowing down much.
The most exciting news is the Crown has given up trying to prosecute Owen and he will be found not guilty in court on Jan 10. This is wonderful news and we are fully expecting Justice Johnson’s decision in April will be appealed to higher courts. We are very happy for Owen and his family. Thanks to lawyer Kirk Tousaw for his excellent work in the courtroom, to everyone who came to court, for the donations, for all of the well wishes, and thanks to those prepared to testify for the Jury trial.
Halloweed was smokin’ fun with Stoned Guy winning the costume contest, followed by two fairies and a worker bee, and a cute space girl—each winning beautiful bongs lovingly supplied by Sacred Herb, Trippies, and Illusions.
The lecture series at UVic has been inspiring this year, and I’d like to thank guest speakers Mik Mann, Owen Smith, and Ryan Fink for standing in for us to see the lectures and 420s through while we were away. It makes going away a lot easier when you know things at home are being well cared for.
Well what a blast we had Cannabis Caroling on Dec. 19. Jingle bell time, is a swell time, to hot box through the night. And then go Cannabis Caroling! I love singing in the streets. It is so much fun I wish we had more such occasions. Once a year is not enough.
The next fun thing to look forward to is the club’s 17th Anniversary Party. We are going to rent the St. John Divine Church hall on Sun. Jan. 20, for the Pot Luck as usual, so bring your pot and lots of smiles if that’s what you have! Our lawyer Kirk Tousaw will be giving a short talk about the trial.
Now for the real fun! Ted and I went on a 16 day East Coast convention tour in late Nov. Yes, it was cold, but nice if the wind wasn’t blowing. We headed home the day before 4” of snow fell. We flew to Halifax, and it was the first time either of us have seen the Atlantic Ocean. What a beautiful country we live in. What an amazing planet we get to call home. The people we met were all wonderful. I joked with folks and said the fresh sea air must make happier folk than normal. I felt so much at home it didn’t feel like traveling—except for all the time spent in the car driving.
We got invited out to Porters Lake to see the THCC Farm-Assist dispensary in their new location. It was a great visit and wonderful to see people “coming out of the woodwork” and being open, thriving contributors of their communities. Jess has put a lot of time, effort, and love to make a welcoming, member-friendly space. We also met Michael and Jonathon, who were looking for a space to get their club, All Things Green Consulting, more accessible. Both clubs started as delivery services, and both continue this service for those unable to get out. We got word when we got back to Victoria that Michael and Jonathon had been successful in finding a friendly landlord and securing a good location to work from.
Ted and I drove from Halifax to the Bay of Fundy and then back to Blue Rock the first day there. We stuck our hands in the Bay of Fundy, and if it hadn’t been so windy I probably would have stripped and jumped in. We drove through the Annapolis Valley, which is the farming country of the province, and it was beautiful! The apple trees are old and gnarly, with great big, juicy, red apples still on them. The buildings are made mostly of stone, and are very old compared to here those back home. There were lobster traps piled everywhere you looked, with the trapping season ready to start within the next week or so. In some parts the rocks are red, and in others they are blue, which makes for very interesting roads. It really felt like being on Vancouver Island while in Nova Scotia.
In New Brunswick I got really sick, as the car we rented was brand new and off-gassing something fierce. We spent the rest of the time in the car with our coats on, the heat cranked, and the windows open. There were heating controls in the seats, so we were toasty. Steven and Hannah put us up for a couple of nights, so it was nice to be stationary for a couple of days. Steven got the Mt. Allison Hempology club up and running.
We stopped in Woodstock, NB for an interview with Richard Blaquiere. He is a retired school teacher who now writes for the local newspaper. He took us to a beautiful new cafe that is also a local artist collective. We let him know about Educators for Sensible Drug Policy, and gave him Judith Renaud’s information so he could get into contact with her. One of the greatest benefits of traveling around is getting to connect folks together.
Quebec City was amazing. We walked all around the old embattlement of the city. Wow! It was easy to imagine all the underground bunkers, but we didn’t get to see them as the soldiers wouldn’t let us in to play. The coolest thing I saw were the remains of the old windmills. With the way the wind howled up the river, it was easy to imagine windmills working very well, and left me wondering why they weren’t all over the place! I had fun trying to remember French, and would get Spanish mixed in, so was always a good laugh when understandings were achieved.
We stopped in Montreal for a day, too. We were lucky enough to find Adam Greenblatt at work in the Montreal Medical Cannabis Access Society and he kindly gave us a tour of the new premises. They have an open greeting room with lots of information and MMAR applications available. The next room is an in-house bakery. They specialize in strain specific baking, such as indica or sativa dominant. Adam gave me a bag of goodies to try and I signed up as a member in the next private room. We left hoping to spend more time with them next year. Yes, we are crazy enough to do the whole thing again next year, except the trip will be for three weeks instead of two.
It has been 30 years since I was in Ottawa, and it didn’t look much different. We went to Parliament Hill and tried to take one of Ted’s books to Senator Pierre Claude-Nolin, but they wouldn’t let us in, or take the book to him. We have to mail it to him.
For the afternoon in Toronto, we went to the Village Vapour Lounge and talked with Walter and got ready for a fun night. I finally got to meet Neev and Marco, and was very inspired by the circle we had after the convention. I can’t wait to see them again and get to spend some more time with them. All in all it was a great learning experience, and it’s wonderful to really start networking with like minded folk.
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by pablofunk » Sun Apr 14, 2013 12:26 pm

From CD#36

By Gayle Quin
I am going to start this issue with a heartfelt thanks to Minneh Kamau-Bushby. She has been a shining light, our Rock of Gibraltar, a never-ending supply of love and light, and captain of the guard around the front desk post for 11 years at VCBC. Sadly, she has left the club to happily go to school and continue teaching about AIDS.
Minneh taught me more than just the front desk work. It was her that inspired me to consider part of my job to be getting every fellow member laughing, or at least smiling, before they passed on into distribution. It is not always easy to help someone choose their appropriate medicine if they are not in a good mood and only concentrating on their pain.
I miss your laughter Minneh, and hope you come to dance with me in the lobby soon. Thanks again, Minneh, and keep on shining.
We have some good news to report. Dieter got a phone call from the B.C. government and it seems that medical cannabis is exempt from PST, so by the time you read this we will only be charging GST. Sorry, but we will not be getting back what we already paid.
I am very happy to report that we have several new products now available. The first to mention is the new high CBD strain of raw cannabis we are being supplied with. Nordle is a very specific medicine as it has been bred to have a very high CBD content and a lower THC content. CBD is a strong anti-inflammatory, making it an exceptional analgesic, and is also anti-carcinogenic. The low THC level gives a very mild to non-existent buzz, which is perfect for a lot of folks, especially during the day.
The next is Dreg Magic. It is simply the left-over leaf after making the butter for cookies. Just stir one to two tablespoons into you stew, chili, cookies, bread, or whatever you are having for supper. If you do not want the extra fiber you may re-cook it in more butter, which will be about 30 percent less potent than our normal cookie butter but is still good to use.
The cannoil is now going to be sold as indica or sativa. The same will be done with the ginger cannoil. The day-time cookies will be sativa dominant from now on, as well.
With Apr. just around the corner, and winter finally passed, it is time for some outdoor fun. First, of course, is 420—Apr, 20, at 4:20 pm—in Centennial Square for the biggest smoke-out on the island all year. With around 1,700 folks attending last year, we are expecting around the 2,000 mark this year. It is going to be festive!
It is also the marker for the beginning of Reach For The Pot. Starting the first Wed. after 4/20, we meet at 7 pm by the bandshell in Beacon Hill Park every week until early July. If you are not in for the long haul of the tournament, there are a couple of weeks of drop-in games if you want to give it a try. Get there early those days, as it is first come first in—and space fills quickly.
For the more ambitious, you can join Herb in the TC10K in Victoria, walk or run, on Sun. Apr. 28. Enjoy the great outdoors and show off your team 420 t-shirt, or just come out to cheer everyone on. It is a fun morning either way.
On July 10, the fun in the park moves from the tournament to competitions. The most esteemed title is the best joint roller, with best t-shirt, best bong, best pipe, and best written word winners who also get a Hempology 101 textbook. You simply cannot find better, cheaper, or more fun entertainment. Remember, if you cannot make it out we film most events and post them on the Hempology 101 youtube channel.
July 1 we meet at 4:20 at the law courts to celebrate Cannabis Day. You have to be there to believe it!
We are very proud to be working with Dana Larsen and the Sensible BC Campaign to decriminalize cannabis in B.C. You can sign up now to be a volunteer to collect signatures this fall, and get this to referendum. He has brought together some amazing speaker panels, so check out <>
I am also pleased to announce that Hempology 101 has been given a bus to fix up so Dana can use it in his campaign. I would like to take this opportunity to say a huge thank you to Johnny “50” Marcell who has given us the bus for this campaign and future Hempology 101 activities. Also deserving thanks is Bob Erb who has generously offered to match any Sensible BC contributions, after already giving a good chunk of money to get it going. It seems to be the start of a legal carer for Ted, as he plans to get his license to be a bus driver.
The Conservative government has not removed its head from its...oops..from the sand long enough to know the War on Drugs is being lost around the world. So we here in Canada are going backwards, losing our right to grow our own medicine, as well as having a government willing to ignore the courts by saying we cannot eat cannabis either. Does anyone know of a prescribed pharmaceutical that is recommended or forced to be smoked only? I would love to hear about it, if you do.
In Feb. we organized rallies across Canada, trying to protest the MMPR. These new regulations take away a patient’s right to grow their own or get a caregiver to help. There were some good rallies in Courtenay, White Rock, and Gibsons, in BC; with others in Winnipeg, where it was -22 C; and all over Nova Scotia. Generally, though, the turnout was disappointing, with very few people out protesting in the larger cities. However, we will be back out on the streets again on Oct. 1 protesting the next phase of the regulations.
At our rally in Victoria, our new MP, Murray Rankin, asked to meet with us. After a short discussion he was eager to help us and recommended getting a petition together that he could enter into the House of Commons, giving him a chance to speak. The petition simply declares that patients should have a right to grow their own medicine. This should happen just before the paper goes to print, so hopefully you heard about it in the news already.
With textbook and newspaper in hand, Ted and I are going to the Treating Yourself Expo in Toronto at the end of May. It will be the first time Hempology 101 has attended the Expo and we are getting excited about the trip. Hope to see many of you there.
I would also like to remind you about all of the things Hempology 101 does online. We have all of our lectures, conventions, games etc., on our youtube channel. Are you also aware VCBC has its entire recipe book on-line? Now VCBC also has a monthly newsletter. If you are a member and want to receive it, send an email request to <>
Thnx for coming out!
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by pablofunk » Wed Jul 31, 2013 9:48 pm

From CD 37
By Gayle Quin
Happy Summer! I hope you’ve had as much fun this spring as I have. The Reach For the Pot Tournament has been exceptionally quick and high scoring this season. With teams very closely matched, there has been lots of excitement for teams and on-lookers alike. I’d like to give a big thanks to all the players, and hope too see you again next year. We’ll let you know the winners of the coveted trophy bongs next issue. Check out the shows on Hempology 101’s YouTube channel.
I Hope everyone had a Happy Cannabis Day! In Victoria, we host a 420 on the front steps of the courthouse. Glad so many could make it out for all the fun, and if you missed it, there is always next year! After all the long hours we have spent inside the courthouse, it’s great to go have fun outside the courthouse.
I’d like to give a special thanks to Marco Renda for hosting the 4th Treating Yourself Expo, in Toronto. Ted and I finally got to attend with the Hempology 101 textbook and Cannabis Digest in tow. It was a very busy and exciting three days. We met many new contacts for products and advertising, saw lots of folks we don’t see often, and many folks who had come to one of Hempology’s East Coast Conventions (we’ll be back this November!), as well as made many new friends. I lead a very blessed life!
Also, a great big thanks to all the new advertisers in the Cannabis Digest.
We are excited to be going on a book tour to Whitehorse this summer. Ted and I are driving north of Dawson Creek for the first time ever. I am really looking forward to the trip. After that, an exciting date to double circle on the calendar is Sept. 4—for a couple of different reasons. School will be starting, so we’ll be holding the first UVic 420 of the year, back inside Ring Rd. Hempology 101 successfully relocated to the Quad in Apr. after student requests had been ignored by the Administration over the last year. You can read all about the Reeferendum on our website. Sep. 4th is also Hempology 101’s 18th Anniversary!
Tradition has us meeting in Centennial Square at 7 p.m.. After a short talk and smoke break, we march to the Legislative Buildings for a big talk and smoke-out on the front steps. We also have a photo op for the coming year’s post card, so feel free to dress up—lots of folks do. Did I mention we smoke our brains out on the front steps of the Leg? It isn’t a long walk, but it sure is a lot of fun. Tourists are usually awestruck. This is a sure case of “the more, the merrier”!
The week after that, on Sept. 11, will be the first lecture of the year. Ted teaches a free, non-credited lecture covering 22 different cannabis/hemp related topics each year. We also get guest speakers for some of the lectures. Watch past lectures on Hempology 101’s YouTube channel. See you at 3 p.m. in Cinecenta in the SUB (student union building).
The next important date to remember is Oct. 1. No, Halloween isn’t early this year—I wish—but it is Hempology 101’s Annual General Meeting. Come and hear what we have been up to, what we hope to get up to, and voice what you would like us to get up to. We like to get high, so the sky’s the limit! In fact, at high noon that day we are organizing rallies across the country to protest Health Canada’s new medical regulations. Patients are losing their right to grow medicine, which is a terrible step backwards. Please go to your MP’s office at noon that day to join the protests!
I have sad news—the bus donated to Hempology 101 is a bust. The inspector would not let it leave the lot as its framework is rotten.
We are expanding our product line again. Beyond the regular and ginger cannoil, we have started to make Indica and Sativa dominant cannoils, as well as the regular mixed one. The Indica oil is calming, sedative, anti-spasmotic, a strong muscle relaxant, analgesic, etc. The Sativa oil is uplifting stimulating, analgesic, anti-tumoral, etc. We are going to start capsulation of these edible oils soon, as we do the Ryanol and Stalkenol. I would like to remind you that one or two drops of cannoil rubbed onto your forehead is a good way to get rid of frontal lobe headaches.
I’d like to add to this article a very special thank you for ever and ever to my precious, departed parents one more time, like I do every night. Not only do I have them to thank for my life and those of my brothers and sisters, but without their inheritance I would not have ever been able to go on the trip of my life. I was supposed to take Ted on a holiday just after Mom died, but within months I was having my right breast and 20 lymph nodes removed, after finally getting a doctor to listen to me. It’s been a long recovery, but yesterday I got the results of my two year check up and I am still cancer free! I just can’t thank everyone enough for their love and good thoughts, for without each and every one of you, I would not be any way near as well as I am. My naturopath was amazed at the results considering my age, she said.
Back to the trip of my life. Which was to Jamaica! I hope you have been enjoying the photos on facebook and YouTube. It was unbelievably awesome! Many, many thanks to John Vergados of Skunk Magazine, and Vincent of Pure Garden Resort, for their supreme generosity of hosting the first ever Canadian Cannabis Activists retreat in Jamaica. We were all offered a week of free rent, food, and ganja. Jah bless us all.
Ted and I could only make the last three days of the gathering because of prior commitments at home. When we inquired of rates and other places to visit, John insisted we stay the next week for free as well! I’m very glad we stayed because we could afford to hire the resort’s driver Brian, and spent many happy hours with him exploring west half of Jamaica. We had our own kitchen, so the first thing we did was buy a half a pound of ganja for $80, and some coconut oil. I infused the coconut oil and made cornmeal pancakes for everyone. The cooks say I can have the kitchen any time I want when I come back! The resort is right across the road from the beach, so there is swimming any time you want.
Going to Bob Marley’s Mausoleum was one of the most spiritual moments of my life. The energy in the space makes your hairs stand up and your soul start to sing. I asked, and was able, to leave a Mount Tzouhalem diamond I’d been imprinting with Bob’s One Love message at his head. I start crying every time I think of the place. We got to see crocodiles swimming around and suntanning. We got to go swimming in waterfalls and warm ocean waters. It was paradise. They need a lot of help though, as the government looks after itself first, and things like garbage collection later. I look forward to reading articles from our new Rastafarian connection, Kahleb. You can see a video of me cooking in Jamaica on Urban Grower’s and Mark Kush’s YouTube pages, and photos of the trip on Hempology 101’s YouTube page.
Right now I am sitting on the ferry off to the Kush Cup. I will tell you all about it next time. Love Gayle.
p.s. If you have been trying to reach me, my old email address is dead. Now reach me at <>
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