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BC:Kelowna company hoping beard product is a growing market

by papapuff » Sun Aug 06, 2017 12:33 pm

InfoTel News Ltd

Kelowna company hoping beard product is a growing market

By Jenna Hickman

August 06, 2017 - 9:30 AM

KELOWNA - Whether you like your facial hair neatly shaved, a bit stubbly, or in the form of a full, lumberjack beard, this new local product aims to change the way you treat your beard.

Brothers Cody and Jesse Scheffelmaier say they have finally perfected their Value Ridge Oils beard essential product, and it is ready for sale.

“We’re dedicated to producing the highest quality hair oils,” says Cody. “Right now we want to get the word out and show people what a difference our product can make.”

Originally from Winnipeg, Man., the Scheffelmaiers grew up on a farm called Valley Ridge Ranch. Then came a company called Valley Ridge Hardwoods. The running family joke was if any other company was started, it must include the name Valley Ridge. Therefore: Valley Ridge Oils.

“The idea started about three years ago, but since we were kids we were always passionate about natural remedies,” says Cody, a self proclaimed hippy. “We took a lot of inspiration from my mother, she would put onions in our ears for ear infections - just the weirdest stuff, but it worked.”

Jesse began to make hair oil and according to Cody, everyone noticed it was working.

“He had pretty long hair at the time, and it was looking really healthy and shiny,” says Cody. “So we started dabbling with it and doing more research.”

When Cody began to grow his beard - now a feature you cannot miss - the idea of developing a natural product aimed at beards particularly appealed to him.

“We primarily use hemp seed oil which makes the hair softer,” says Cody. “It soaks into the hair quickly, making it swell and look more full.”

One bottle of Valley Ridge Oils is $30, and lasts anywhere from one to three months.

The brothers are working on an exchange program where customers can return their bottles and get a discount on their next purchase. Additionally, the labels are all made from recycled paper.

Since the company produces small batches, both in Kelowna and Winnipeg, the brothers are able to customize their oils to fit their consumer’s needs.

“For example, if someone has a dry face, essentially we would introduce more grape seed oil, which helps with skin hydration,” Cody says.

In the future, the brothers want to release seasonal oils, that would include a scent to match with the season.

“As our company grows, we would like to make beard balms and hair oils, all with the aim to improve the health of hair and skin, “ says Cody. “The healthier you look, the better you look, and the more confidence you will have.”

The Valley Ridge Oils website is coming soon, but for now, orders can be placed through their Facebook page.
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