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Hempology 101 Board Meeting Minutes September 2nd 2014

by Irishbonez76 » Tue Oct 07, 2014 11:56 am

Attendance: Steve, Mike, Ron, Carl, Walbran, Monica, Cheryl, Bonez, Ted, Bill, Janna G.


1 ) Welcome
2 ) Finances
3 ) Cannabis Digest
4 ) Anniversary
5 ) Student Clubs
6 ) AGM
7 ) Janna G.

1 ) Everyone welcomed including Janna G who is a newcomer to to the group. Joints sparked.

2 ) It's been a touch and go summer financially. Ted is managing his paycheck. Not too many expenses expected this coming month.

3 ) The CD is going real well. The next issue will have more in advertising coming in. It's been decided that we are just going to be sticking with the quarterly issues, with an increase in the quantity of issues printed. Also the next issue will be increasing up to 32 pages. We have more and more advertisers coming on board. We will be sending notices out to our advertisers that the 20% discount will be disappearing with the incentive being to get them to advertisers to sign up for longer periods of time. With this increase we will eventually be getting to our goal of 36 pages. We are becoming the leader of cannabis information in Canada with the addition of our blogs. Our info is being shared worldwide. Kallie from Medicine Hat is one of our new bloggers which brings us have good contributions from the prairies. Our online forums have become more active as well. This next issue will be number 42. Our format may soon be changed. Online advertisements are currently stagnant.

4 ) Tomorrow is our 19th Anniversary march. Anyone for costumes should be at the club at noon tomorrow. For those participating in the march we will be meeting at 7pm at centennial square. We are not rushing this year because we are no longer doing the postcards so there is no need to be there in time for light. The joints are already for the march tomorrow. Ron will be doing the video taping at the legislature.

5 ) The first 420 of the year for UVIC will be tomorrow. It's going to be a lot of fun this year. We have a potential for guest speakers at the 420's. We are going full tilt for the media in such as take as many videos and pictures this year as we can, also so that we can promote the hell out of it this year.The annual picture will be taken in two weeks with "HERB" being there. Clubs days are in a couple weeks as well. We are also hoping to get ignored by security this year. The last weekend in September we will be having a campout for students for some fun and relaxation up at Cobble Hill with Ted and Gayle on their property. /// UBC is going to really explode this year with a bonfire coming up in a couple weeks to kick things off. Corbin is still keen on leading the group over there. They mat even out grow UVIC this year. //// Medicine Hat is not doing very much. ///// Mount Allison has a new president this year and they are having a bonfire to kick the year off as well.

6 ) One month from today we will be having our Annual General Meeting, we also have a couple of vacancies on the board for those that would like to be more involved.

7 ) Janna G. is hoping to join the board and is interested in doing a radio show for hempology. She is looking for help in producing a radio program. She has a radio show on September 11 on the UVIC radio station.
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