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Time 4 Hemp Radio Show

by CannabOwen » Tue Aug 05, 2014 9:14 pm

The Cannabis Digest/Hempology network has the opportunity to evolve with the Time4Hemp radio station by providing a bi-weekly broadcast that is sustained by advertising. The monthly bill for the current arrangement with Time4Hemp is $30/month for use of their switchboard, edited and released through their network. Their are two shows per month and each show has the potential for two ads without encroaching on the speakers and cannabis focused content.

The show is not live, broadcasts are sent to be edited and released a week later. I would like to make the radio show into a video hangout, where the audio portion would make up the Time4Hemp programming and the video would appear on the Cannabis Digest/Hempology network. It will be new territory to attempt a video hangout, so while test runs are performed, the 30/month goes into effect immediately.

I have hoped that this relationship with Time4Hemp will benefit Hempology and the Cannabis Digest by providing knowledge about our work to a very large audience. If the Hempology Board feels that this project is worthy then I will gladly help produce creative advertising for our sponsors as well as for the hempology/cannabisdigest network. In the meantime I will continue the radio show and pay the difference unless the otherwise advised.


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by Helios » Sun Aug 10, 2014 10:12 am

Bill here. :) I have no objection to the idea if we can afford it.
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