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UBC Hempology Club has high hopes for SUB vaporizer lounge

by papapuff » Mon Jan 13, 2014 4:05 pm

The Ubyssey

UBC Hempology Club has high hopes for SUB vaporizer lounge

By: Aurora Tejeida

January 12, 2014

UBC’s Hempology Club usually holds its meetings outside the SUB, but last week, the club booked a room in the SUB and brought a vaporizer.

The meeting was a joint event staged in conjunction with the Brewery Club, which is working on infusing beer with marijuana. However, the highlight of the reunion wasn’t the beer syrup or the early stages of pot-infused alcohol, but rather the use of a marijuana vaporizer in the SUB.

The reunion was a success. At one point, there were at least 25 people in SUB room 211. Outside the room, a colourful sign read: “Stay dry, get high.” Inside, a scrunched-up towel was placed under the door to keep the fumes in.

“This is the first time that we’ve ever done anything in the confines of the SUB,” said club treasurer Corbin Manson, a second-year Forestry student who used to canvas for SensibleBC, a group that supports the referendum to decriminalize marijuana consumption in B.C.

“The [AMS] probably don’t know we have a vaporizer in here, but if you can break the barrier, that’s the first step to any of the progress that we’re trying to talk about here,” said club president Jared Barney, a second-year Forestry student.

The progress Barney is talking about is convincing the AMS to open a vapour lounge in the SUB.

“The plan is happening right now. We would love to get a vaporizer [from the AMS]. It’s healthier, less polluting [and] if you smoke with it indoors it doesn’t leave any residues,” said Manson. “And it’s better than being outside in the cold and the rain.”

But the AMS had no idea the club was using a vaporizer in the SUB, or even that the group smoked marijuana. “From my understanding, [the Hempology Club] is about awareness, but again, we do not condone illegal behaviour within our facility, which is the SUB,” said AMS President Caroline Wong.

The AMS is not enthusiastic about the creation of a vapour lounge. “As per our handbook, any illegal behaviour is subject to potential expulsion,” said Wong. “The usage of marijuana and cannabis is illegal unless it’s for medicinal reasons.”

The club members, however, remain hopeful. “I think that in the long term, having an AMS vapour lounge would be a huge boon for the student body,” said Manson.

“It all starts with getting a room here and having the AMS be aware of what we’re doing,” added Barney.

According to Manson, the club made all the arrangements by the book. “We just got all our members together, did some marketing, booked a room through the AMS and it was as simple as that.”

The AMS is aware, but at this moment it doesn’t look like they’ll get a vapour lounge any time soon. “To my knowledge, we have never considered opening a vapour lounge in the SUB,” said Wong.

Wong said that she emailed Campus Security and the Student Administration Commission, which oversees clubs, asking them to do an immediate investigation of the Hempology Club.
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by papapuff » Mon Jan 13, 2014 4:08 pm

Ubyssey Online (EXCERPT)

Last Words: Getting high in the SUB, weird resignations and free money

By: Ubyssey staff

January 12, 2014

High-minded protest a little misguided

UBC’s Hempology Club staged a protest of sorts in the SUB last week — a vape-in, if you will. Marijuana should be legal, no question, just like the government shouldn’t ban people from drinking alcohol or smoking cigarettes.

However, the reality is this is hardly a courageous battle. If you want to get high at UBC, you can get high at UBC. But if you want to go behind the back of the AMS — which oversees the SUB — and break the law to prove a point that doesn’t need proving, you’re going to come off as petty and childish.

The club wants to set up a vape lounge in the SUB, which seems fair enough given that there are already two bars. But they shouldn’t alienate the people who control the SUB in their quest to do so.
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by papapuff » Thu Jan 16, 2014 11:48 am

Metro News

January 15, 2014

Hempology 101 club riles UBC student prez with indoor vapourizer party

By Kate Webb

Ain’t no party like a UBC vapour party — because that’s the kind of party that can get you expelled.

Student administrators at the University of British Columbia are investigating the campus’ Hempology 101 club for holding an indoor 4:20 meeting last week enticing people to “stay dry and get high” in the Student Union Building (SUB).

Club treasurer Corbin Manson did not respond to repeated interview requests from Metro, but after he spoke to the UBC student newspaper the club posted a statement on its website calling the party “wildly successful.”

“I want to set the record straight: there is no conclusive evidence that Hempology 101 has broken any laws,” wrote one of the executives (it is unclear which one).

“The accusations stem from our alleged cannabis use during our meeting. These allegations are designed to discredit our club and marginalize our members; these allegations are unfounded.

“The (Alma Mater Society) would love to paint us as nothing more than rowdy, law-breaking drug-abusers because this would make us easy to punish and ignore.”

The student paper, The Ubyssey, reported that 25 people attended the meeting and a towel was placed under the door to keep the vapour in.

B.C. Marijuana Party spokeswoman Jodie Emery said that it is possible the club’s members weren’t breaking any laws if those who used the vapourizer had licenses to use medical marijuana.

But if they didn’t, vapourizing in the SUB would constitute non-academic misconduct. The Alma Mater Society (AMS) refused repeated interview requests from Metro, but council president Caroline Wong released a one-line statement.

“As per our policies, any illegal behaviour is grounds for expulsion,” she wrote. “We will be investigating this claim thoroughly.”

The club said on its website it is worried about future meetings getting crashed by undercover police, but campus RCMP spokesman Sgt. Drew Grainger said the club is not currently on their radar.

“I can tell you we’re not actively involved in this at all,” he said. “Unless we are given specific information about a crime taking place, we’ll of course look at that, but we’ve had no reports to indicate that.”

What is a vapourizer?

A vapourizer is a device used to vapourize the active ingredients of a plant or herb, typically marijuana or tobacco, without burning it. In the case of marijuana, the active ingredient, THC, begins to vapourize at temperatures above 126 C and is collected in a tube or bag and inhaled.
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by papapuff » Wed Jan 22, 2014 3:26 pm

Ubyssey Online

Hempology 101′s SUB booking privileges suspended after vaporizing session

By: Will McDonald

January 22, 2014

The AMS has suspended Hempology 101′s SUB booking privileges in response to a vaporizer session they hosted on Jan. 10.

The Student Administrative Commission issued the punishment after talking to the club at a meeting on Monday.

“Running a club, especially a newer club, can be a slightly daunting process, and everyone makes mistakes,” said SAC vice-chair Nina Scott. “This was an unfortunate one. We’re happy to work more closely with them … and help them make sure something like this doesn’t happen again.”

The club’s booking privileges have been suspended until the end of April.

“It’s not like we’re kicked out of the SUB entirely, just that we essentially are denied privacy for a semester,” said Hempology 101 treasurer Corbin Manson.

The club will still be able to host events outside the SUB.

“What they do off campus on their own time with their own financial means in their own group is completely up to them. We have absolutely no interest in silencing them or taking any extreme punitive action,” said Scott.

Manson said that although the club’s booking privileges are suspended, the AMS will still let them host the hemp convention they have planned for March.

“We were able to negotiate a room for out cannabis convention in March, which is the most important event of the year, so I’m really happy that they still are going to be giving us space for the big convention,” said Manson.

Scott said SAC plans to work with Hempology 101 to help them boost their image on campus, and that neither campus security nor the RCMP are seeking any legal action against them.

“We absolutely don’t want to take away their right to free speech. Whatever they want to say is fine by us, and we want to help make sure they get their message across and they’re portrayed in the light they want to be,” said Scott.

Manson said SAC encouraged his club to set up tables in the SUB to help spread their message about cannabis education.

“A table is a great way to do education and outreach because it’s so visible,” Manson said. “We want to do things centred around hemp and cannabis education and also just wellness in general.

“We’ve got a meeting coming up on Friday and we’ll be able to hash out more concrete plans as to how we want to approach tabling.”

Manson said the club is working to organize their March conference and to improve their image after the vaporizing session.

“We’re going to be lying low for a little bit now that all of this has played out. We’re going to be looking hat how we can move forward. As a club, we still have some repurposing, maybe, that we need to be doing before we can have anything concrete happen.”
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by papapuff » Sun Jan 26, 2014 5:22 pm

Ubyssey Online

Letter: Coverage of Hempology 101 oppressive

January 22, 2014

Hello, fellow human being:

Your reporting of Hempology 101′s civil disobedience is unfortunate. It smacks of misinformation and oppression. You know that whatever hurts others hurts you. So it is when the most progressive institutes do not support peaceful civil disobedience against unjust laws.

Those who oppose tyranny must creatively change bad laws by drawing attention to their cruelty and absurdity. If we are to have a society which reflects the will of the people on cannabis, we must challenge the present marijuana laws. We wouldn’t be alone doing so.

Why, even the United Nations delegates are walking away from enforcing the militancy of the War on Drugs, because they see a need to stop hurtful action and to restore peace. At UBC, these vaporizing people are providing awareness you can’t teach in a classroom. By harassing them, you slow the pace of change. Next time you think about the coffee vapour coming off the rim of your cup, think of the vapour that for a moment spread freedom through the halls of the SUB. Be glad that a few brave students are forging compassionate social change with a healthful herb and prompting political awareness at the university.

Let them, for a few seconds, while contained in a small spot, vaporize without fear of the police or suffering personal or career loss. I salute the courage of those who oppose oppression. We are all either for the Redcoats or for freedom. Make no mistake: this is a war on people, and Harper has prisons hungry for young occupants. You decide if you want to pass this war on to your friends and children. All should stand up for the activities of Hempology 101 as they march toward the dissolution of enforcement myths and the immorality of a bad law. Smart people should spotlight the corruption which serves the War on Drugs by showing support for the activities of Hempology 101.

Carol Francey,
Social worker, Sensible BC educator and former UBC student
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